Have you or a loved one suffered head or spinal injuries due to the negligence of another? The attorneys at the Injury Law Group work with neurologists and neuropsychologists to identify the scope of the injury and obtain the necessary settlements and verdicts that allow for money for rehabilitation, retraining, and therapy.


Head injuries and spinal cord damages can often bring about long-term disability requiring the need for ongoing future medical care. At the Injury Law Group, our experience allows us to under the financial and emotional impact that head and spinal injuries have not only on the victim, but also the entire family.

Do not settle for anything short of the full financial impact of your injury. Contact an attorney at the Injury Law Group today to set up a free consultation.

Common Accidents Involving Head and Spinal Injuries:

-Aviation and Airplane Accidents
-Birth Injuries
-Car Accidents
-Motorcycle Accidents
-Construction Accidents
-Slip and Fall Accidents


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Time Is Of The Essence! Because There Are Limits On The Amount Of Time That May Lapse Between The Incident And Filing Of The Lawsuit, It Is Imperative That You Contact The Injury Law Group As Soon As Possible To Review Your Claim For Free.

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