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  • When you go to see a doctor due to injury or illness, you can generally be assured that you will receive excellent treatment.  However, even the most experienced and well-trained physicians are only human.  As such, errors are always possible. 


  •  Medical malpractice occurs when a patient is harmed due to a negligent act or omission by a medical professional.  Medical professionals include doctors, nurses, dentists, osteopaths, and others providing health care services.


  •  Medical malpractice and negligence may include an error in a diagnosis, treatment, or illness management resulting in injury to a patient.  The injured patient has a case against his/her physician if the physician deviated from generally accepted standards of practice. 


  • You may also have a case against the hospital for improper care, or against local, state, or federal agencies operating hospital facilities. 


  • Medical malpractice actions must be brought within two years, unless the existence of an injury is not known to the claimant, and the knowledge of such injury cannot be reasonably ascertained within the two-year period.


  • Because medical malpractice is a difficult and expensive area of law requiring great legal expertise, it is important that you contact a skilled attorney.


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