If you suffer loss to your residential, commercial or industrial property it is imperative that the proper course of action is taken immediately.  You Should Immediately Contact The Injury Law Group.


Our in-house staff of property damage experts and ILG legal counsel will provide you with the very best service at a reasonable rate. ILG will provide the Insurance Company with a comprehensive and meticulously detailed loss assessment. We then negotiate with your insurance company to arrive at the maximum settlement amount. Our extensive knowledge of insurance damage appraising, policy interpretation, and industry settlement practices assures our clients receive a very fair and equitable claim settlement.

ILG handles all types of property damage claims whether you have a residential, commercial, or industrial loss. We have handled thousands of property damage claims due to all types of perils including: flood, fire, windstorm, earthquake, hail, ice, freezing, collapse, explosion, defect, vandalism, terrorism, and burglary. Our service encompasses both First Party and Third Party property damage claims. Once retained, ILG will file your claim(s) and begin the process of recovery. We can also be retained to handle existing and closed claims.



First Party Claim
A First Party claim is filed when your property is damaged due to an event (peril) covered under your insurance policy. A First Party claim is filed directly to your insurance company.

Third Party Claim
A Third Party claim is filed when a person or entity damages your property due to accident or negligence. A Third Party claim is filed directly to the insurance company that insures the person or entity that caused damage to your property. ILG property damage services.


• Property claim representation
• Property loss consulting
• Structural damage estimating and valuations
• Personal property estimating and valuations
• Forensic estimating and valuations
• Business interruption loss projections
• Rental loss projections
• Insurance Appraisal
• Expert testimony
• Risk management
• Disaster recovery




Time Is Of The Essence! Because There Are Limits On The Amount Of Time That May Lapse Between The Incident And Filing Of The Lawsuit, It Is Imperative That You Contact The Injury Law Group As Soon As Possible To Review Your Claim For Free.

Please Click to Complete a Case Intake Form, or call 877-4MY-LOSS
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Upon review of your intake information, an attorney from the Injury Law Group will contact you to schedule a consultation.


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