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  • Slip and fall injuries occur when an injury is the result of a person slipping, tripping, and falling on another individual’s property.  There can be many causes of a slip and fall incident including:

  • Dangerous conditions which present an unreasonable risk to a person on the property caused by torn carpeting, poor lighting, and wet/slippery floors;

  • Cracked public sidewalks; or

  • Hazardous conditions caused by rain, ice and snow.

  • It is necessary to contact a skilled attorney if you have been injured in a slip and fall incident so that he/she may determine whether or not someone is legally responsible for the resultant injuries.

  •  Whether or not someone will be legally responsible for injuries in a slip and fall case depends on what type of property the incident occurred on.  The types of properties include commercial, residential and governmental property.

  • Time is of the essence due to the time limits within which you must commence suit.  Waiting until after this time limit expires may leave you with expensive medical bills with no recourse. 


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